Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yu Jinyoung: Hidden inner worlds come to light

For some reason, sculpture is usually not as interesting to me as much as 2D art forms (must be all the bronze leaping salmon you just can't escape in the Pacific Northwest...).
So it is rare that sculpture really catches my eye; but the amazing work from this Korean artist blew me away:

(image from Union Gallery)

(Image from artnet)

You can see more pictures here, and the artist statement here.


E.K. said...

what about Jane Alexander? You should check her out. There are tons, I'll give you a list if you want...I'm an art historian, sorry.

tsu-mina said...

Glass?! Fantastic works...the dog is really nice!

Beatrice said...

@ E.K.: Always up for discovering artists I don't know, send away! You're welcome to post here or email me: beatrice (at)
Thank you!

@ tsu-mina: I'm not sure if it's glass; the gallery site mentions PVC I think

yoon see said...

So creative:)