Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cherry blossoms / Le temps des cerises (ou presque)

Last weekend we went to see the blooming Yoshino cherry trees at the UW. These 30 trees lining the liberal arts quadrangle are somewhat of a local landmark and draw huge crowds of blossom viewers in the spring. It's our local Sakura festival, I suppose. Sadly their lifespan is limited and they are declining; hopefully they will get replaced with something equally graceful.
More photos here:

V.F.: Ce weekend, on a fait un tour sur le campus de l'université de Washington pour voir les cerisiers Yoshino en fleurs. 30 cerisiers longent le square entouré par les bâtiments de la fac de lettres et sont un peu une curiosité locale; ils attirent toujours les foules au printemps. C'est donc un peu le mini-Sakura Festival du coin. Ils ont malheureusement une espérance de vie limitée et sont sur le déclin; on espère que leurs remplaçants seront à la hauteur!
Pour plus de photos:

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Anonymous said...

That is very very lovely <3

Xovika said...

Beautiful pictures! My husband loves blossoms, I have to show him these

E.K. said...

Great photos! What a beautiful site.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Beatrice,
How the heck are you, you talented woman you???? Hope that all is well you and that you are tasting spring a little. The pictures are super beautiful! OMG! What a wonderful eye you have. These are just great! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Biba said...

Beautiful photos!