Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter preview

The Easter bunny outdid himself and brought me a care package all the way from France! French Easter candy is definitely one of the things I miss from home (along with socialized medicine, but we won't go there).

Pâtisseries typically sell fancy Easter confections: large, hollow chocolate eggs, chickens, rabbits or bells (more on bells later), wrapped in ribbons and filled with smaller candy: little marzipan vegetables (I've always liked the little cauliflowers best!); "friture" (little chocolates shaped like fish, shrimp, mussels...); pastel-colored fondant eggs; little praliné eggs... They traditionally come in distinctive pastel, illustrated cardboard boxes.

So why the bell motif? In France, Catholic tradition oblige, it is church bells on their way to Rome that bring candy, not the Easter bunny. I've been told many times that flying bells that drop candy don't make sense, but personally I don't see how bunnies carrying little baskets make any more sense ;)

V.F.: Bon ben je traduis pas hein, tout le monde sait ce que c'est les oeufs de Pâques, ce qui va dedans, ce qui va autour... Merci les cloches, qui sauront se reconnaître!

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E.K. said...

A French Easter, very nice!